Aguaje is an incredible fruit that I have went into depth about in previous article. It has been found to benefit women by supporting and supplementing natural estrogen production. For us woman more estrogen means better curves and of course that can give you a big butt and thighs.


Aguaja Before After 2Month

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of confusion as to what pills are good. This is because of all the knock of suppliers that sell Aguaje capsules that contain a mix of Aguaje powder and fillers. Most of the time, if the powder is pure, it’s stale and expired.


This is because of the sensitive nature of this fruit. Its delicate nature makes it hard to ship fresh or grow outside of south America. Luckily, there are a few good manufacturers out there that do provide Aguaje capsules that have pure and fresh powder.


Quickly get Curves From This Pill

Curve Butt enhancement pillsBecause a good Aguaje product is so hard to find and if your going to use it with other natural extracts like Maca. I would recommend Curves Body enhancement pills. You can Combine the power of this wonderful fruit extract with other herbs that are know to work.

The reviews speak for them selves, These plls can give you results quick and for have the price you would spend on a supplement regime.

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Aguaje Pills Side Effects and Benefits


If you have never heard of this fruit, I’ll fill you in. Its a fruit that grows in South America and has been used for thousands of years. The natives eat it raw, cook and even make juices and brews. Its has a number of health benefits because of its high vitamin and nutrient count. What makes it popular for women is its super powerful phytoestrogens.


These plant based estrogens have been researched to treat a number of female hormonal problems. From infertility to menopause, Phytoestrogens found in this fruit and other plants can boost estrogen levels in women.


Another side effect of heightened estrogen from plants like Aguaja is bigger hips, but and all around more shape. An hourglass figure is what defines a woman’s silhouette and by supplementing with this miracle fruit, you can have a shapely body.


You can even go as far as saying it’s the reason so many South American woman have big curves. I’m sure genetics plays a factor but science has proven how potent phytoestrogens in foods can be to a woman’s hormone production.


When Combined with other powerful plant estrogen extracts like Maca Root, you will be able to grow a booty even faster.


Aguaje Fruit helps you get wider ipsWhere Can You Buy Aguaje Pills?


Yes, I know, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this. If you live in South America or very close to it, you might be able to get the fruit. Otherwise you will need to find a reliable product that uses powdered Aguaje or an extract in their product.


Running to your local GNC or Walgreens you won’t find many options. That’s because Aguaje pills have not yet become too popular in the US. The products you do find on the shelf have been sitting there for a while and are usually cheaply produced and not worth there Price.


The best Aguaje pills or powders are only available online. I have managed to find a couple of good sources so you don’t have to waste money use my recommended product above.  Once you have tried a real extract or powder you will see results, Aguaje pills work!




Written by renne crespo