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How to Get a Nice Butt

      Part 1: Are You Motivated?   Here's the deal, I’m not going to hand you a list of exercises you can do three times a week to get a nice butt. Why?, for one thing it just doesn't work that way. Another, you're probably going to read it and discard it anyway. […] Read More

How to Get a Big Ass

  So, let's step away from my normal, “eat, exercise, eat”, Advise and just go for the gusto. Getting a big ass, fast, easy and without really working for it.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to give you that eat cheeseburgers all day B.S, that's still bad advice. Sure you might be […] Read More

Inner Thigh Workouts

  On our quest for a great butt and flat belly, we tend to ignore other parts of our body. Most lower body workouts do a great job of targeting multiple muscles and groups, for example squats. The bad part is that even with all the muscle groups squats target, they barely trigger the inner […] Read More

Do Squats Make Your Butt Bigger

    Squats are one of the most popular and effective exercises you can do. It trigger almost every muscle in the legs, butt, abs and lower back. Increasing overall muscle strength, growth and toning. The squat is considered to be a total body compound exercise. It is also a measure of strength in the […] Read More

How to Do Squats For a Smaller Butt

So you want to tone or shape your buttocks with squats. The routine will be about the same for a smaller butt as it is for toning, the real difference is diet. So we will go over a basic squat routine you can do 3 days a week every other day. Along with this diet […] Read More

How to Do Squats For a Bigger Butt

  The first thing we will go over is how squats can and will help your butt grow. Because squats can also make your butt smaller, you will need to know what the difference is.   Squats burn calories! They are the single most effective movement for burning calories and reducing fat. The are also […] Read More

How to get a Big Buttocks Naturally

We all have different body shapes and tend to gain weight on different sections of our body. Some girls may gain weight on their hips, thighs and butt easily. While for others it all goes on the belly and midsection. This is why getting a bigger butt is not as simple for some as it […] Read More

How to get a Smaller Waist and Bigger Hips

It's like we are all obsessed with that womanly figure. A curvaceous body is all the rage and it's all over TV. That skinny Kate Moss look is out and the new celebrity body has shape, figure and big curves. But here's the thing, you don't actually need to gain weight from fat to get […] Read More

Butt Workouts for Women at Home

Sometimes going to the gym can be a hassle. Sometimes, you just can't squeeze it into your schedule or the commute is too long. In any case, it's still possible for us girls to shape a great booty with these butt exercises at home. I don't want to sound like an infomercial but it only […] Read More

How to Get a Fat Ass

Every now and then, I get a client that doesn't just want a butt that's bigger, they want it fatter! I’m not talking about adding muscle and fat, they want to know how they get a fat butt. This is for you ...   Why I Love CB-1 CB-1 was originally designed for people who […] Read More