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Waist Trimmer Belts, The Best I Have Ever Owned!

If your Like me and want to see results quicker, you have got to give this fat burning belt a shot. The Sweat sweat is cheap, easy to use and super effective. The very first time I put it on I know it was the best Waist Trimmer Belt available.  You don't have to take […] Read More

5 Rules For Delveloping Sexy Curves

No girl really wants to get fat, they just want sexy curves and a fuller figure. The problem is, the road to a full figure is full of potholes and some girls get stuck. They lose motivation, get comfortable, used to overeating and ultimately end up overweight. Losing focus and giving up is easy, but […] Read More

Butt Enhancement Pills

Every girl wants a great figure, and a nice big butt makes all the difference. The problem is most girls don't want to put in all the work and time needed to get a big butt. Another problem is some girls just can't get a big butt. It may be genetics, a fast metabolism or […] Read More

Am I Under Weight?

    I remember as a very young girl, how my grandmother would make a big deal over my weight. “You might snap in half like a twig, if you don't eat more”, she would say. I would love visiting my grandma, it was an all day "Eat 'O' Thon" Cakes, pies, potatoes and steaks, […] Read More

How to Gain Weight for Girls

  As a young girl I have never been able to gain weight. Even as a child I was always told to eat more. That I’m just skin and bones, fragile and don't look healthy. It was never really anything that I gave much thought to until I hit my teens. When I was 14, […] Read More

How to Get a Nice Butt

      Part 1: Are You Motivated?   Here's the deal, I’m not going to hand you a list of exercises you can do three times a week to get a nice butt. Why?, for one thing it just doesn't work that way. Another, you're probably going to read it and discard it anyway. […] Read More

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